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Shri Ganesh Rai Post Graduate College
Dobhi, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh


Shri Ganesh Rai Post Graduate College offers efficient, well-managed and clean hostel accommodation to about a hundred and five out-of-town students. The hostel is located on the ground floor of the main building . It is truly a home away from home, where each student receives personal attention and is encouraged not only to develop her academic skills but also to become a well-balanced and caring person. Participation in extra-curricular activities is expected, so that students realize that the learning process goes beyond academic study. The aim of the hostel is to create an enlightened educational atmosphere, to encourage stable emotional growth in keeping with the goals and mission of the college. The hostel gives students an opportunity to meet peers from other regions and cultures.

Note : In girls' hostel, we have provided special facilities for girls coming from different parts(e.g. J&K, Orissa, Bihar etc.) of our country.


Our college Library is one of the oldest and largest college libraries in all U.P. colleges. Library has a rich collection of around 120,000 books including bound volumes of journals. Different subject sections are meticulously laid out; and every section is carefully equipped with books which are of use to students specializing in different subjects. Library subscribes to 60 national and international journals. Non-print material in its collection comprises a number of CDs as accompanying material, many books in CD format, Back-runs of National Geographic, the latest Multimedia edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, the Millennium edition of World book Encyclopedia in CD form and a set of 18 DVDs on Television adaptation of Jawaharlal Nehru's world-famous book 'Discovery of India' in Hindi i.e. Bharat Ek khoj. The collection of books is segregated for convenience in to three parts - Active, Passive and Rare. Active collection has all the books relevant today. Passive collection has the books with great intrinsic value but not very much in use for the new curriculum. Rare collection comprises books belonging to 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries. Most of them are in English and Hindi languages. This collection also has some rare Manuscripts and Government records etc. They are stacked in an well maintained room to protect them from further deterioration.


With computer and information technology expanding andedging its way into every work activity, it has become essential to be conversant with this science. Aware of this need, the College had set up a Computer Centre to exclusively cater to the computer education of its students. This was introduced as one more, amongst the varied extra-curricular programmes conducted on the campus.

Computer Labs for Practical Classes

  • 1 lab with 20 computers for 40 students
  • 2 labs with 30 computers for 30 students
  • 1 lab with 15 computers for 15 students.
PC configurations are as follows
  • P_IV 3.8 GHZ Intel
  • DDR II 512 MB RAM
  • 80 GB SATA Hard Disk
  • 52X CD ROM
  • Each lab has one staff machine attach with projector, cd rom drive, USB Drive & Printer.
Cyber Lab for all the college students and staff
1 lab with 20 computers (including 10 LCD & 10 TFT monitor) used as a cyber lab with the minimum charges. Facilities available:
  • Net surfing
  • Project work
  • Society work
  • College magazines, brochures work
  • Print outs
  • Scanning
  • CD/DVD Writing
Note: This lab is open to college students and staff on all college working days and the time is between 9:15am to 4:45pm.


The campus has an abundance of trees (though it could always use more) with open lawns which are very pleasant for walks in the evenings. A side of the garden is used for the sitting purpose of students. Garden is beautifully maintained.


The Union Bank of India has a branch outside the college campus which provides banking facilities to the students and faculty of MAMC. All banking requirements such as fixed deposits, drafts, deposits and withdrawals, etc. are provided. Computerization of this branch was completed in 2007. Now this branch is independent branch UBI.

SGRPG College

Dobhi, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.
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College Location

DOBHI, is the name of a famous village where college is situated. Dobhi is situated at the junction point of Jaunpur, Ghazipur and Varanasi District. It is about 34 km from Varanasi, Cantt railway station.
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